Selective Apathy

Selectively choosing things to be Apathetic towards.
In other terms this can be interpreted as choosing selectively things to care about.
Through Selective Apathy, you do not feel Apathy towards everything but only at certain things
so that you can say I don't care to some things but still care about others.
To employ empathy or care only when needed.
This can be to dismiss negative things and care or be empathetic about positive ones
or dismiss negative things and care about personal things or similar combinations.
"Dude, you've lost your job, have no education and you smell."
"Selective Apathy man, who cares about that stuff. I'm gutted that my team lost the league though.
That's something to care about."
"Dude you just lost your leg".
"Don't care about that, it enabled me to eventually find a cure for that flesh eating disease and help others
- Selective Apathy."

Sandeep Bappoo Professional Selective Apathy